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A slice of ravani cake topped with powdered sugar and pistachios.

Ravani (Greek Semolina Cake)

Greek Semolina Cake or Ravani is a delicious sponge cake that is popular throughout Greece. This light, airy cake has hints of citrus flavour and is sweetened with a simple syrup. Ravani or revani is a traditional Greek dessert that is consists of a delicate, airy sponge cake that is […]

Bougatsa slice showing crispy filo and creamy custard layers on a pink plate.


This simple Greek Bougatsa recipe is so easy to make with store-bought filo dough! Crispy filo layers, a creamy custard filling, a generous dusting of icing sugar and cinnamon make this a delicious breakfast or dessert. There is something about crispy layers of filo and a delectable custard filling that […]

A bowl of savory semolina porridge topped with sauteed spinach and a jammy egg.

Savory Semolina Porridge

This creamy, savory semolina porridge recipe is easy to whip up for a warm, cozy breakfast that will keep you feeling full all morning! Enjoy it as is or jazz up your breakfast porridge with the addition of fresh vegetables and a perfectly jammy egg! Creamy semolina porridge was something […]