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A Puff Pastry Turkey Pot Pie in a square baking dish set on a round wooden cutting board with a scoop of filling on a spoon.

Puff Pastry Turkey Pot Pie

Holiday leftovers get repurposed in the most delicious way in this Puff Pastry Turkey Pot Pie! This easy to make recipe is full of flavour and sure to satisfy. Without fail, after every year holiday dinner, our leftover turkey is turned into a pot pie. I mean, is there a […]

A chicken pot pie topped with sprigs of thyme on a marble countertop.

Chicken Pot Pie

Is there a more comforting dish than Chicken Pot Pie? Flaky, buttery pie crust enveloping a savoury filling of chicken and vegetables in a creamy herb sauce. It is one of the best comfort dishes around! As far as comfort meal goes, pot pies have to be one of the […]