Strawberry Oat Breakfast Bars in a baking dish

Strawberry Oat Breakfast Bars

Sweet strawberries and a crumbly, buttery oat crust come together to make these delicious Strawberry Oat Breakfast Bars! Make them ahead for busy mornings! These make-ahead Strawberry Oat Breakfast Bars are the perfect way to start off busy mornings! Sweet strawberries and a crumbly, buttery oat crust make for one […]

Closeup of the filo rose shaped swirls in a Ruffled Milk Pie (Greek Patsavouropita).

Ruffled Milk Pie (Greek Patsavouropita)

Ruffled Milk Pie or Patsavouropita is a deliciously sweet custard and filo pie! If you are a fan of the Greek dessert bougatsa, you will absolutely love this pie! It is incredibly easy to make and who doesn’t love the thought of filo and sweet custard combined into a gorgeous […]

A platter of Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting next to a can of guinness beer.

Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

These Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting are absolute perfection! Fluffy, moist cupcakes topped with a smooth, delicious cream cheese frosting! YUM! Saint Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and these cupcakes will definitely be making an appearance! I have been making these cupcakes for over a decade now for […]

Cinnamon Espresso Cookies on a cooling rack.

Cinnamon Espresso Cookies

What could be better to pair with your coffee than these Cinnamon Espresso Cookies? These cookies are healthy, vegan, and only slightly sweet. They are made with olive oil instead of butter, giving them a nice crumbly texture! Today is Clean Monday (or Kathari Deftera in Greek) which marks the […]

Closeup of a Strawberry Scone topped with fresh, chopped strawberries and drizzled with icing.

Strawberry Scones

These homemade Strawberry Scones are perfectly sweetened, flaky and buttery! These easy to make scones pack a fresh, berry flavour and pairs so perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or tea! Really and truly, I am so in love with this recipe for scones! They are so bright and […]

Plate of Baked Old Fashioned Glazed Donuts

Baked Old Fashioned Glazed Donuts

These Baked Old Fashioned Glaze Donuts are so much easier to make in the oven compared to frying! They’re easy to make, healthier than frying and delicious! Baked donuts are my new favourite treat and these old fashioned cake donuts are an absolute winner in my books! In a world […]

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie sprinkled with sea salt

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies are thick, chewy and oh-so chocolatey! With a few healthy swaps, this twist on a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe is made vegan while still tasting like a traditional chocolate chip cookie! My husband and I are not vegan and this is still our favourite […]

Rice Pudding (or rizogalo) in a ramekin and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Rice Pudding

This classic dessert recipe is so easy to make and so delicious! Rice pudding is creamy, comforting and you probably have all the ingredients you need on hand right now! Growing up, my mom would make rice pudding or rizogalo (in Greek) for my sister and I. I would get […]

Chocolate Souffle in a small ramekin set on a flowery napkin.

Chocolate Souffle

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this Chocolate Souffle will be making an appearance! Make no mistake about that! The perfect dessert for a romantic evening, these souffles are both light and decadent at the same time! My husband and I have never really gone overboard with super romantic […]

Stacked slices of banana bread on a parchment lined cooling rack.

Easy Banana Bread

One of my favourite things to do when I have overripe bananas is to bake up a loaf of this delicious, easy banana bread! It is so easy to whip up with ingredients I already have on hand in my pantry and fridge. There is truly no better aroma than […]