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Taco Stuffed Mini Peppers

Taco Stuffed Mini Peppers

Taco Stuffed Mini Peppers are the perfect low carb snack, appetizer or light meal! This healthy recipe takes just 30 minutes to make and is the perfect finger food! We are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo here and I am excited to share this recipe with you today! It’s […]

hummus recipe


This homemade hummus recipe is fresh, flavourful and so easy to make! Why buy store-bought hummus when you can whip up a creamy hummus at home in just minutes! I love a good dip! They are so fun to eat, aren’t they? Of all the dips, hummus seems to be […]

roasted red pepper hummus recipe

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

This Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is a light, fresh snack. Easy to make, healthy and so much better than store-bought hummus! This super easy hummus recipe is easy to make and so healthy! We love hummus around here but roasted red pepper hummus is my absolute favourite! I love roasted […]

dark chocolate seed bark

Dark Chocolate Seed Bark

This dark chocolate bark is made with ingredients that are good for you, so you don’t have to feel bad about inThis dark chocolate bark is made with ingredients that are good for you, so you can feel good about indulging a bit on this one! Feel free to play […]

date square energy bites

Date Square Energy Bites

This recipe for energy bites is easy to make and uses only a handful of ingredients! The end result tastes like a date square but is much easier to make and uses no refined sugar. It is also nut free, gluten free and vegan making it a great go-to snack […]

chewy chocolate chip granola bars

Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Delicious, chewy chocolate chip granola bars made right in your own home, without any preservatives! So easy to make and much healthier for you, you’ll never feel the need to buy them again! These granola bars may look like the ones you buy at the store, but they are so […]

summer fruit salad with citrus honey dressing

Summer Fruit Salad with Fresh Mint

This colourful combination of fruits is drizzled with a citrus honey dressing and tossed with fresh mint, making a refreshing summer fruit salad! Enjoy it as a cool and refreshing treat or as a topping for pancakes or waffles! I am always down for a fruit salad whether on its […]

baked parmesan zucchini fries

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries

Crispy, crunchy zucchini fries flavoured with Parmesan cheese and herbs are seriously delicious! These fries are baked in the oven, making them a healthier recipe and the perfect snack or side for your meal! If you aren’t turning your zuccs into fries, stop what you’re doing and get ready to […]

blueberry yogurt popsicles protein greek yogurt

Blueberry Protein Popsicles

Keep cool this summer without sacrificing your waistline! These popsicles are easy to make and include the healthy ingredients found in your morning smoothie, so we say you can go right ahead and have one for breakfast!

Dill Zucchini Chips

These Dill Zucchini chips are a healthy snack with very few calories! They aren’t a quick snack by any means as they are baked at a low temperature until they are crispy, but they are definitely worth the wait! Super easy to make and great on their own or served […]